Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to hire a plumber for the installation of the Aquavis Pulse system?

Our under-sink water filtration systems are designed for easy installation, and you won't
need a plumber. If you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to our Customer Support line at (385) 376-4202 or

What tools do I need to install my Aquavis Pulse?

All you need to install your Aquavis Pulse is a variable speed drill, adjustable wrench, and phillips head screwdriver. No drilling into countertops or complicated plumbing. For detailed instructions, watch the video and download the PDF here.

Can I use my existing kitchen faucet with the new Aquavis water filter?

Certainly! The filter is designed for convenient access to clean water directly from your existing faucet. While it's not the system's primary intent, it can also be used with a dedicated faucet. Note that you'll need to purchase any additional parts required for this setup, and installation instructions for this specific configuration are not provided.

What contaminants does the Aquavis Pulse remove from my water?

The Aquavis Pulse is powered by the Matrikx PB1 carbon block filter, which is NSF 42 Certified for material safety. The Matrikx PB1 is also IAPMO validated to remove PFAS, the harmful "forever chemicals" found in over 45% of US tap water. Additionally, it’s tested and verified to remove lead, chlorine, chloramines, cysts, and VOCs. You can find the performance data sheet for the Matrikx PB1 filter here.

What is the size of the dual port adapter connecting to the water line?

The dual port adapter fits 3/8" water lines, which is the most common size.

I'm a renter and can't modify plumbing. What should I do?

No need to worry! The Aquavis Pulse utilizes your existing faucet, eliminating the need for drilling or plumbing modifications. Simply attach it to the cold water line under your sink. It's easy to uninstall and take with you to your next residence.

How often should I replace the filter, and what is the cost?

To maintain system efficiency and prevent bacterial growth, replace the filter every six months or upon reaching the specified 500-gallon capacity for the Aquavis filter. Check replacement pricing here. Consider joining our auto-ship program, REPlenish, to save 20% on filters and enjoy free shipping.

How does the Aquavis Pulse differ from other under-sink systems?

The Aquavis Pulse filter boasts an incredibly high flow rate at 1.5 GPM, significantly reducing lead, PFAS, chlorine, chloramine, VOCs and cysts. It doesn't require a dedicated faucet, providing versatility. Aquavis under-sink filters vary based on filter stages and flow rate, impacting the number of contaminants removed.

Is the water purified?

No, it's filtered water, not purified. Purified water, through processes like reverse osmosis or distillation, removes both contaminants and naturally occurring minerals. Our system selectively filters, significantly reducing lead, PFAS, chlorine, chloramine, VOCs and cysts while retaining essential minerals.

What is the micron rating of the filter?

The Aquavis Pulse filters down to 0.5 microns.

Does it remove fluoride?

The Aquavis Pulse hasn’t been tested for fluoride removal. However, activated carbon is known to reduce some fluoride in water, so it’s possible there is a level of fluoride reduction happening in the Aquavis Pulse filtration process. For more complete fluoride removal, we recommend a reverse osmosis water filter.

What is BPA, and why is it a concern?

BPA, or Bisphenol-A, is a contaminant in plastics. Aquavis drinking systems are BPA free, and our filtration process reduces existing BPA.

What does TDS mean?

TDS, or Total Dissolved Solids, indicates the concentration of minerals and metals in water. Aquavis products reduce harmful TDS like lead while selectively retaining healthy dissolved solids like calcium and magnesium.