9 Types of Water You Should Know About

9 Types of Water You Should Know About

Staying hydrated is important—that’s why many of us don’t leave the house without our trusty water bottle. But did you know that not all types of water are created equal? In fact, there are nine different types of water you should be aware of.

Each of these nine kinds of water is treated differently to make them safe for human consumption. As we review the different kinds of water, you’ll see that the water source, the treatment process, and even the flavors can be different.

So, let's go ahead and dive in:

Bottled Water

When it comes to drinking water, the first kind that many people think of is bottled water, but not all bottled water is the same. This water can be filtered, purified, spring-sourced, or even sparkling. It's not uncommon to find flavored water in bottles, too.

Bottled water is ready-to-drink, making it a popular, portable source of safe drinking water.

Common brands: Glaceau SmartWater, Dasani, Fiji, Aquafina

Filtered Water

Filtered water can be commonly found in grocery stores, and you can even find filtered water in your home if it's run through an under-the-counter filter, pitcher filter, or a filter in your fridge.

Filtered water is typically sourced from tap water and run through mesh or carbon filters to remove the impurities (e.g. heavy metals and chlorine) and improve the taste.

Filtered water is a great option for your family. If you’re looking for a way to get the best filtered water, the Aquavis Pulse under-sink filter can provide great tasting, healthy water right in your home!

Common brands: Aquavis, Brita®, Whirlpool, Frigidaire

Purified Water

Purified water is similar to filtered water, but with a few additional steps. Purified water is obtained by first filtering the water and then putting it through a reverse osmosis, distillation, or deionization process to further clean out all impurities.

These additional steps add time but can produce much purer water. Purified water is a popular option for bottled water companies to sell, albeit at a higher price point.

Common brands: Fiji, Icelandic Glacial™, Evian®, Essentia

Distilled Water

Distilled water was mentioned above, but let's explore the process of distillation.

The distillation process begins by first boiling water. Because water in its purest form will have a lower boiling point than many of the impurities like metals and other contaminants, the pure water molecules will evaporate first. The resulting water vapor and steam are captured and cooled, leaving contaminants behind and creating distilled water.

Common brands: Pure Life®, Ice Mountain®, Glacier Mist®, Good & Gather

Spring Water

Spring water is one of the most popular options of bottled water available. In fact, when you think of bottled water, you probably think of spring water first.

Spring water is often marketed as 100% pure, fresh water. This marketing is based on the fact that all of the water came from an underground water source rather than a surface water source.

Once collected, spring water is pumped into a large truck to be transported to a bottled water facility. After the water is pumped, it is cleansed from contaminants through a chlorination process, then put through a filtration process to remove the chlorine. While the chlorine is removed, some other impurities like metals may remain.

Spring water is a very popular option for drinking water.

Common brands: Poland Spring®, Acqua Panna, Dasani, Mountain Valley Spring Water

Tap Water

Tap water is one of the most accessible sources of water—it comes right out of the faucet when you turn on your sink!

Tap water typically comes from a municipal water source. Before it comes into your home, however, tap water goes through a chlorination process to neutralize large contaminants. These chemical disinfectants will still leave behind other contaminants like PFAS and metals that aren't filtered out through the water treatment facilities. Some municipalities will also run the water through ultraviolet light or other water purifiers to kill any additional contaminants.

Tap water is typically used for cooking and drinking, but it’s recommended to take additional steps to remove harmful impurities (e.g. heavy metals) that can negatively affect the human body. Invest in a good filtration system like those at Aquavis so you can have clean, fresh water at home.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has become a very popular option for drinking water in the past few years as it claims to have added health benefits compared to other drinking water. This water undergoes a purification process similar to many of the other water options. The difference is that Alkaline water also goes through a process to increase the pH level, making it higher than regular water.

The idea is that this alkaline water will help neutralize acid in the body, leading to better hydration.

As enticing as this sounds, the vast majority of these health claims haven't been backed by scientific evidence. Still, that hasn't stopped alkaline water from becoming a very popular drinking water option.

Common brands: BodyArmor Sportwater, AQUAhydrate, Flow Alkaline Spring Water, Eternal Alkaline Water

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is created by taking clean water and adding carbonation. Some brands of sparkling water offer plain water with carbonation, while others offer a variety of flavored carbonated water.

Many people enjoy drinking sparkling water because it gives a similar sensation to drinking soft drinks, without as much of the artificial sweeteners and flavors.

Common brands: Sanpellegrino, Spindrift, LaCroix, Perrier®

Mineral Water

As the name suggests, mineral water is a type of water that contains various beneficial minerals, typically derived from underground sources such as springs or wells. These minerals contribute to its distinct taste and may include substances like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and trace elements.

Mineral water is often promoted as a natural and healthy alternative to tap water due to its mineral content, which some believe can offer potential health benefits. It is important to note that the mineral composition of different brands and sources of mineral water can vary significantly.

Mineral water is commonly consumed for its refreshing taste and the perceived health advantages associated with essential mineral intake. It is available in various forms, including still and sparkling, and is often bottled at the source to maintain its natural qualities.

Common brands: Topo Chico, Pellegrino, Perrier Mineral Water, Evian

Take Your Water to the Next Level with Carbon Filtered Water

While there are so many types of drinking water, one of the most popular options is now filtered water, whether it’s from an under-sink, fillable, or fridge filter. Filtered water improves the quality of your home’s water by removing harmful contaminants missed by municipal water treatment. It also helps cut down on the plastic waste and cost of bottled water.

That being said, not every in-home filter is created equally. Some filters don’t remove dangerous contaminants like lead, arsenic, or “forever chemicals” (PFAS), while others leave your water with an unappealing taste.

At Aquavis, we are committed to providing your family with a convenient, reliable, and healthy solution to improving your tap water quality. That’s why we’ve created the Aquavis Pulse: an under-sink carbon water filter that removes harmful contaminants like PFAS and chlorine, leaving you with healthy, great-tasting water.

Not only is this filter effective, but it’s also compact and easy to install—no professional help needed. Just follow the instructions to install it under your sink, and you’ll be enjoying cleaner water in no time.

Try out Aquavis water filters today to taste the difference!

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Take Your Water to the Next Level with Filtered Water
While there are so many types of drinking water, one of the most popular options is now filtered water. Filtered water helps make water safe, is a convenient option, cuts down on plastic waste,  and improves the quality of tap water, with a minimal cost.
Aquavis is expanding access to delicious, fresh, and clean drinking water with our innovative under-the-sink water filters which take minimal space while delivering delicious water that can help improve your quality of life.
Try out Aquavis water filters today to taste the difference!

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