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Carbon Water Filter

Aquavis Pulse

Aquavis Pulse


“Installed super easy and the water tastes great!”

— Isaac E.

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Experience the refreshing taste of pure, clean water with our advanced filtration systems, ensuring every sip is free from impurities and contaminants. Filter cartridges deliver 6 months of clean, great tasting water!

Protect your health and the environment with our cutting-edge technology, engineered to remove harmful PFAS, lead, VOCs, cysts, microplastics, chlorine, and chloramine from your water supply, delivering peace of mind with every glass.

Easily transform your kitchen into a hub of hydration with our user-friendly installation process, designed to bring clean, filtered water straight to your tap in minutes.


Get your replacements autoshiped right when you need them, hassle free. Delivery is every 6 months at $49.99 with free shipping. Skip or cancel any time.

  • The Luma water bottle uses UV-C light technology to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from your water in just 60 seconds.
  • Your Aquavis water is chlorine free, which is great for taste and health, but not so great for the traditional water bottle you haul around all day. Without chlorine, your traditional water bottle builds up mold and bacteria, which is not great for taste and health.
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Tested and Validated

Your fridge filter might make your water taste better, but harmful contaminants are likely passing right through it. The Aquavis Pulse is powered by an NSF 42 certified activated carbon filter that’s IAPMO validated to remove PFAS, and tested and proven to remove lead, cysts, VOCs, chlorine and chloramine. Removes the harmful contaminants, leaves in the healthy minerals!


6 Months of Clean

While other brands require you to change filters after as few as 2 months (looking at you pitcher filters!), Aquavis delivers 500 gallons of clean, great tasting water, lasting most households up to 6 months!


Easy Install

Don’t waste time with a complicated installation. Aquavis is guaranteed easy! Our user-friendly installation process gives you clean, filtered water straight out of your tap with no secondary faucet required (but also works if you have one)!

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Heaven for water snobs

Finally — an affordable, compact under-counter water filter that makes clean, great-tasting water effortless. So happy to ditch our countertop filtration machine and regain counter space. This filter ticks all the boxes. Highly recommend!

Kym Fowers

This is the best product ever! I was iso impressed with how fast we received our package! The install was simple with the ncluded instructions. I was a little worried about not liking the taste of the water after we got it all hooked up. I am happy to report that I LOVE the taste! It's like you filled you water bottle from a fresh mountain stream... so refreshing! Only bad thing now is I ONLY want to fill up with my new filtered water!. BEST WATER EVER!

Kenny Schoemig
Quick, Simple, Clean

I want to highlight how quick, simple, and clean every part of the process is with Aquavis. Ordering and delivery was a simple and expedited process, and I received my filter a few days after the order was placed. The install was quick, simple to follow and complete. And the word clean can apply to everything from the neat packaging and design to the crisp water that comes out the tap.

Jennifer Keyes
Love it!

Very impressed with this product. It shipped quickly, was easy to install with very clear instructions and is easy to use since it just connect to your faucet.
So excited to have cleaner water!

Love it!

It came so quickly, was easy to install, and gives me peace of mind to know that the water we are drinking is safe for me and my young family! Very impressed and so happy with this filter!